While CEOs seek high performing work cultures, HR teams are pressured with newer tactics at delivering so. Newer names keep cropping up such as three-sixty degree, competency-based, personality or styles-based. In spite of the best of efforts at talent recruitment, newer employees are rarely if ever setting the stage of fire. This is because the entire system is broken. Human capital performance metrics must make use of principles of behavioral science and modern technology to get the right fit. To create such an environment, a sustainable organization development must be put in place. Performance measurement metrics must be clearly defined. This will also help in retention of top talent. The human factor including soft skills must be ingrained among all employees using formal corporate training lessons. Effective ATS systems are now available and social media can be leveraged to increase the effectiveness of hiring. Performances can even be transformed using specific expert software systems. Talent audits for example could be conducted to aid in strategic thinking.


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