How to solve Content Inventory problems by copying Retailers

Retail stores, factories and restaurants have long struggled with inventory. Either there is too much of it which means market assessment has not been right or less of it which hurts sales and customer servicing. Storage costs, theft and weather fluctuations are just some of the factors they need to battle against. Online content does not quite have the same problem yet but it needs to learn from retailers. One of the principles of digital marketing is that content must be delivered to the right person at the right time. Content being merely creative does not provide any end results. An example can be cited of a firm which managed to dislodge its entire blog history. This removed at one go more than hundred articles of creative merit, yet the blog wasn’t serving its purpose. Now the firm is doing much better with fewer clicks on blog but more meaningful content.

Truths will flip your Brand

Business consulting provided by an online think-tank has identified marketing trends which ensure that brand images and valuations have altered. Marketing power has shifted away from the business to end customers. These customers in turn want products to provide some value. Brands are being associated with certain identities which they have forged. Also customers want a say in final purchasing decision. Individual buyers in turn influence the buying patterns of their friends and relatives, which in today’s cyber age is substantial. The behaviours create loyalties almost as strong as tribes which then battle for supremacy, though without the license to physically hurt. It is thus imperative for top brands to associate with the strongest of tribes. Eventually these groups may converge using technology. Branding must never be carried out on one channel alone, but must be distributed across platforms. Finally, brands must be flexible enough to target various segments and categories.

The big Change Management Lie

It is often wrongly contemplated that employees try to resist change, but the truth is that in majority of such cases the communication has not been explained properly. Employees resist those changes which they feel are a threat to themselves. To bridge this gap, a publication has developed a Change Planning Canvas which details methods to implement business innovations at operations. It includes more than fifty tools and individual licenses are available for educational, professional and commercial purposes. The employee must never get a sense of loss of purpose, control, mastery, clarity or attachment.

Don’t let frustration make you say the wrong Thing

In an office environment it is common to feel frustration. This can especially take place when colleagues make subtle yet negative remarks about us and it becomes difficult to control emotions. Yet it becomes necessary to avoid confrontation. Management consulting provided by writers at the Harvard Business Review have explained how this can be resolved by the proper use of meditation. The amount of time spent on the same depends on lifestyle which need not get disrupted at all. A few minutes for few days every week will generate positive results quite early.


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