5 Reasons why every Company should be using Content Marketing

While some marketers are still not convinced by the effectiveness of content marketing, some reasons have been compiled to prove the point. Sharable content trends very well and this can be used effectively to conduct digital marketing. As the content broadcast is owned by the company, it can disrupt the industry as has been proven triumphantly in the medical industry. Ultimately content is the king as that is what differentiates the brand from others and develops unique visitors. Business analytics also uses data to reach web pages depending on the content. Thus industry’s perception of individual companies is formed on the basis of the kind of content that is shared with the public or within industry circles. Finally, content induces action. Social media share buttons must always be inserted with the content so that it can get viral.



Marketing lessons from Pokémon Go

Pokémon Go has proved to be a rage among people across generations seeing record levels of downloads already recorded. Pokémon Go actually provides a case study for marketers as several lessons can be learnt out of it, relevant to how modern business works. Contrary to how a lot of online businesses have set, up in this case virtual traffic is leading to physical locations. This is because the search for Pokémon is taking users across their locations and in the process driving other businesses including food, beverage or transport. Strategic partnerships were formed between the developers of this game and several businesses in whose premises several of the Pokémons are getting discovered. In this way the game is driving digital marketing for their partners. These partners had the foresight to forge these partnerships while others who haven’t are exploring ways of now getting into the act. The reasons why the game has proven so successful is because of the intense user engagement using concepts such as nostalgia, adventure, social play and physical exercise.




Travel Bloggers go on Jordan adventure to promote Domestic Tourism

Some Jordanian bloggers are on a mission to showcase their country as a tourist destination. They are covering the entire country and blogging about the various sites to visit. Interestingly their mission is to travel entirely by inexpensive methods in order to educate people in the Arab world that traveling is not meant for only rich people, but common people too may enjoy. The will cover the Dead Sea shoreline, nature reserves such as Bergesh and visit heritage sites such as Petra. One of the students venturing on this has a blog titled ‘Ibn Batuta’ which serves the purpose of conducting digital marketing for the tourism department of Jordan.  



How to use Email Marketing to drive Social Engagement

The email can be amongst the most effective tools to deliver on digital marketing. In order to be most effective at it, it is important to include social share icons within the body of the mail. Feature posts must be shared with the public. Critically, the mail must include a CTA (call-to-action). Content that will be included in the mail must be shareable so that eventually it can get viral. Through this, exclusive offers must be advertised to consumers including discounts and giveaways to lure the customer. Periodic contests must be held to engage with the crowd and eventually crown the winners. A feedback mechanism must be incorporated along with the mail so that customers can directly engage with the firm.



How to build Customer Trust through Content Marketing

Continuous research has established that content is amongst the best sources of digital marketing. While SEO takes time and persistence, PPC involves money. Social media marketing on the other hand, has a stop-start success rate. Thus content marketing must be worked on thoroughly by most firms, especially startups. The first step involves providing great, verifiable and authentic content. The content along with management team’s contact details must be visible on Google or business listing pages. Copywriters can always be heeded in order to get website indexed effectively on Google. The content must be of the highest quality possible. Publications written specifically to generate SEO or listicles produced purposefully for social media do not usually stand the test of time. The next step must involve building authenticity to give confidence to the customer to engage at transactional level now. In- house blogs or whitepapers could be key to this.



The Key to improving your Company Culture with Social Media Marketing

Social media is seen by most professionals as a platform to conduct digital marketing. It is seen as the medium to penetrate new markets, drive up the bottom line or improve conversion rates. Few see it as a source to promote positive company culture. Employees are increasingly sharing matter about their work lives on social media. While many voluntarily post positive points, many others also openly criticize their workplaces. Thus it is time for companies to take this seriously and must act genuine with their employees so that positive points far outweigh negative ones online. Personal hygiene giant L’Oreal and top brand Apple are just two of the market leaders who have been promoting positive company culture on various coal media handles.


Why Live Streaming should be a part of your Marketing Plan

Live streaming must increasingly be included as vital components of the digital marketing plans. This is due to multiple reasons making it cost effective to implement. As per surveys, videos have become the most effective ways to market, and live streaming is simply the most advanced stage of the same. Live streaming using Instagram or Vine is enabling companies to showcase to their customer base the real picture. So all organizations that are confident of their product are displaying details using live streaming. Videos also enable educational content to be broadcast to customers instead of overtly selling to them. Live streamed videos are also a perfect platform to share content with friends and relatives, thus creating ripple effect.


10 Tantalizing Digital Marketing stats from this Week

Ten very interesting statistics have emerged regarding the field of digital marketing recently. A study conducted by Yahoo concludes that most emotionally engaging moments occur when browsing content using mobile phones. Football fans together are expected to spend nearly two million hours reading about the Champions’ League final. Google has confirmed what we already suspected; the internet throws up over a trillion searches a day. Spending on travel has increased by nearly seven percent. Research by Connexity has shown that majority of visitors who abandon their baskets as a result of high prices tend to come back to same retail outlets once they receive product reassurance. Surprisingly, six- sevenths of Faceboom video users do so without turning on the sound. In related news, marketing budgets are increasingly shifting towards visual rather than traditional content. Three-fifths of British retailers have not devised any plan B based around the outcome of the Brexit vote. A woman laughing hysterically has become viral as the most watched video on YouTube. Two-fifths of all market influencers do not even know about the CAP code. Due to lapses in traditional online security measures, customers are using biometrics instead.



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