With the online shopping footprint ever increasing, certain predictions have been made in this regard for the new year. Whether the journey lasts from awareness to final purchase will largely depend on emotional connect and not the price tag alone. Certain marketing channels will get found out and phased out by customers. Customer decisions will get fortified by influencers promoting certain brands over others. Advertisements will get more interactive to get better results from digital marketing campaigns. Social media will aid corporations in this regard. Time lag between choosing a product and its delivery will reduce due to emergence of pick-up option from stores. Sales teams will utilize business analytics to conduct locations tracking of potential customers using mobile phones and trigger action. Mobile phone searches will be driven by the three pillars of speed, trust and convenience. The sales decision online will however be dependent on the quality of smart phone visuals. Finally, the level and type of online purchase will depend on the learning styles of individuals namely whether they prefer visual, auditory or kinaesthetic modes.

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