Common understanding suggests that leaders with high levels of integrity are good for any organization as they will pass on such values to their team members. The corporate trainings provided at such firms put high focus on ethics and business values. Studies however, have suggested a slight twist to the tale. It has been found out that when leaders are viewed as persons with high value systems, then they tend to inadvertently promote a culture of conformity within the organization. This is because the juniors are afraid to question any part of his/her views. People with their own value systems may just suppress them simply because of the respect they have for their seniors and the ensuing blind faith. It could also happen due to the fear of standing alone in a crowd. This could get further scrutiny if the person with such individualistic beliefs belongs to any minority community or ethnic group. Thus the truly ethical of business leaders must promote a culture of honest integrity across the organization. People must be allowed to stand up for their professional beliefs.


Uploaded Date:27/06/2017

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