Traditionally, supply chain management was at the heart of any company’s operations. Legacy technologies have often inhibited the end-to-end solutions however. Now the entire field of supply chain management is undergoing massive change thanks to automation and the resultant enormous chunks of data warehousing currently being done across the industry. This is further fueling the use of robotics, artificial intelligence and predictive business analytics allowing real-time data to be processed. All this is taking over the supply chain. Leading companies are going further, using even more penetrative technology such as sensor data for machine maintenance and blockchains to instill increased collaboration within networks. Mining giant Rio Tinto even claims that digitization is ensuring complete mine-to-port integration. The safety of workers, especially in remote regions is improving as a result. All these trends are pointing out towards a complete overhaul of the skills in place at global corporations. There is a severe need for reskilling so that the workforce is able to leverage present trends such as data governance, analytics and robotics.


Uploaded Date:22 June 2018

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