Abraham Lincoln remains one of the most inspirational figures in the USA. Therefore, even the Harvard Business School prepared a short film to commemorate Lincoln’s exemplary leadership skills. The CEO of P&G once made an astute remark about Lincoln that hit the mark. He spoke about three main qualities that Lincoln had. Firstly, Lincoln’s individual strengths and weaknesses would magnify over the experiences he acquired in his lifetime. Secondly, such a leader knows when there is a demand for a particular brand of leadership that Lincoln exemplified. He was also someone who would getinto the act when the situation demanded. Lincoln was discerning enough from a young age to distinguish between things that would be valuable and those not. He faced a lot of disappointments, early on which strengthened his resolve for success later on. For his triumph and tragedy arise side-by-side. While he did become the President, a massive challenge for his was the secession of the southern states that led to the start of the US Civil War. He stuck by his beliefs to fight against Afro-American slavery. Lincoln had an exemplary nous for talent management as he got the best out of people in his cabinet and senior military figures. There were times during the war when Lincoln felt loneliness creep in, especially when men on either side died. But the bigger picture kept driving him on. After the triumph at Gettysburg, Lincoln knew the end wasn’t far away. He steered the US ship through to final societal transformation through his sheer will power.


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