Companies across the spectrum of industries are jostling to win the race for utilization of Artificial Intelligence or Machine Learning. That is why platforms such as Amazon’s Sage Maker, Google’s Tensor Flow and the Azure by Microsoft are in such demand. However, companies need to realize that winning this race has to be about the right data warehousing. Capturing the right data goes a long way in being able to deduce conclusions. Companies are trusting data much more. This is reflected in the fact that in 1975, 83% of the total asset focus was dominated by tangible ones, but it reached an 84% focus for intangible assets by the year 2015. Not merely the stockpiling of data, but companies need to curate from a diverse set of the same. More than just comprehensive data, if it is meaningful, it helps in the process of business analytics. But before any such campaigns, companies must identify the starting point and what they seek to achieve.


Uploaded Date:07 January 2019

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