Studies have confirmed that some of the best performing teams are those that are cognitively diverse. In identifying problems, applying available data, collaboration, discipline and creativity such teams excel. To ensure such groups perform well during times of high-pressure, maintaining psychological safety is a must. The ideal is a combination of cognitive diversity and psychological safety. If these two traits are framed on a matrix with x and y axis, four quadrants get formed. The ideal is the generative state which is associated with words such as curious, encouraging, experimental, forceful, inquiring and nurturing. Behaviors such as curious, experimental and inquiring clearly point towards increased creativity. Nurturing gives way to the right talent management practices. Controlling is one trait that is seen in the other quadrants, that bring down the house. Hierarchical s another common terms across the other three quadrants which are- oppositional, defensive and uniform.


Uploaded Date:07 June 2018

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