It is now well understood that social media is one of the key tenets towards lead generation, which is a significant step towards the digital marketing of the brand. Some tactics have been identified which may help in this. To start off, links to gated content need to be shared specifically. Gated content is what is not easily available, but hidden behind the usual wall, but still highly relevant for certain users. The occasional contests on social media, will help more number of people to visit the page or site even. Tweets and landing pages need to be used for this. Social media advertising helps especially in getting leads on Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn. Custom tabs need to be made use of on Facebook. Live videos, webinars and sessions on hangout need to be periodically hosted. Searches need to be geo- targeted. Hootsuite, Hootlet and Twitter Advanced Search can be the right companions for this. To gauge the authentic business intelligence, targeted social media listening has to be consciously practiced. Finally,brands ought to engage in social selling as confirmed over a study conducted by Seismic and CSO Insights.


Uploaded Date:13 February 2019

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