One of the industries at the forefront of growth in the ongoing digital age is that of the chatbots. The global chatbot market is topped predictably by the tech giants such as Microsoft, Google and Facebook. In fact, these three companies alone account for a staggering 97.5 % of the market share as per 2015 figures revealed by the Transparency Market Research. The same study also predicts that by the year 2024, this industry will be worth just short of a billion dollars. Among the regions, it is Asia- Pacific that is expected to top the worldwide sales and impact. Newer applications of chatbots are constantly being discovered, with the latest being scaled in the area of talent recruitment. Chatbots though still need little more pruning to make them ready to speak to humans using natural language. They also need to be more industry- specific. The trend will further pick up in the areas of technical support and customer service, but not be restricted to any of these. An increasing number of companies are trying to leverage the ongoing market traction.


Uploaded Date:15 January 2019

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