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Business ResearchToday Business Research is the foundation for all new and growing Businesses.From Manufacturing to Services sector ,all businesses have unique problems and issues of sustainability.Business research in areas of uncertainity is imperitive as a tool to keep it going as well as proactively avoid major shakeouts.New Ideas and innovations also need to be tested and well researched in implementation to ensure success of the product.

SKYLINE has a group of experts having extensive knowledge base in Digital Marketing & Automation ,IT & Telecom,Tourism & Hospitality,Consumer products -FMCG as well as Durables,Phrama & Biogenerics,Healthcare,Automotive & ancilliaries and Infrastructure. These experts have impeccable credentials including cutting edge experience.They regularly attend sectoral meets hosted by industry Chamabers like FICCI,CII,and NHRD etc. and help them in bringing out reports.

The research resources available for focussed report generation,now essentially structured with global,regional ,national and local level perspectives,major players,their financials,business drivers,differential advantage,substitute threat,disruptive forces/changes,tariff barriers,sectoral technology evolution,market scenario and competition etc. are mapped Research assignments in the past include corporates like Honda,Tanishq,GMR ,Future Retail and CII and A T Kearney etc.

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The Fast Times Benchmark has been released. This will help companies assess where they stand in terms of their digital transformation prowess. The business research has been designed in a way, so that the survey lasts for barely twenty minutes. Once the scores are known, recommendations may be received from the in- house management consulting experts. This strategy and execution is known to have worked very well as a sixteen percent positive impact has been noticed. Digital leaders start off by setting the right direction. Then they test and learn. Finally, one needs to adapt to the circumstance in order to be able to execute the work. Diving deeper then involves researching on a digital hyper- speed.


Uploaded Date:11 March 2020

Companies all across sectors and geographies, are now looking to boost their credibility in terms of the trust they enjoy. This is true both with customers as well as their employees, for whom more suitable talent management terms are being explored. One way in doing this is by allowing them discretion over how they want their work to be done. Job crafting is another such technique. This could also lead to facilitation of the whole- person growth. A recent report released post a decades’ worth of data being studied, by marketing research firm Gallup, clearly points to the eroding trust factor. In order to manage this growing stress, companies would do well to recognize excellence, as it boosts employees’ confidence levels as well. A sense of “challenge stress” could be induced. Information within the organization, unless confidential, needs to be shared broadly. There need to be means by which companies can help employees build relationships. Vulnerability must not be dismissed as weakness, but a step in trying to learn the trade better. The return on trust is immense, as such firms have been noted for far better performances.


Uploaded Date:29 January 2020


Most professionals have now gotten extremely used to the concept of matrix organizations. Now, there is a need to look beyond, at the so- called helix organizations. It is not exactly a news idea, having been around for decades, especially with business consulting and professional services firms. But now, the idea has gained traction, and popularity. It has been understood that such firms manage to best integrate the functional, channel, product and geographic units at large companies. The optimal balance between flexibility and stability may be arrived at. The two major areas at work in helix structures are the capabilities management and the value- creation management. The former deals with how work gets done, while the latter decides which work attains priority. To make this a reality, a talent market place needs to be curated. The resource planning process must be effective and transparent. Clear lines of accountability need be established. Across the roles, performance management needs to get balanced.


Uploaded Date:06 January 2020

With several companies and entire sectors, exploring the possibility of workforce automation, some blue prints have now emerged, that are universally successful. McKinsey, which is a leader in the management consulting space, has identified four such factors which help in acing the chain. One of them is to set higher targets, as this paves the path for capturing clear value. While aiming for higher rewards, one needs to start off with higher bets as well. Risks need to be managed likewise. The next step is to commit to a cause, and communicate likewise to all key stakeholders. To go about this, the right governance pattern needs to be established, so that the business on its own may drive up the change. The team needs to decide on key questions such as how much of centralization is to be accepted, or who takes up the accountability for the programme. And finally, the right internal capabilities need to be fronted. For this, whatever corporate training sessions are needed, must be executed.


Uploaded Date:27 December 2019

A new book published titled Organizations for People, written by Michael O’Malley along with Bill Baker, charts the twenty- one organizations considered as the best companies to work in. These were selected post extensive business research conducted by the writers. They also found out some common traits that such companies do, which set them apart form most of the rest. One such thing is that for them the people come first, so they start off by setting the right talent management systems across the organization, right from the outset. This also enables the employees to find their passions, to further pursue them. They also help bring the people together on a personal level. Special occasions are celebrated, as one way to do so. The list of companies that make it to the select twenty- one, includes the likes of Patagonia, N2 Publishing,, The Motley Fool and INTUITIVE, besides others. These companies ace it, when it comes to encouraging their employees to own their work. Space is also created so that people can be themselves. Work ethics tend to stick at such places.


Uploaded Date:27 December 2019

Workplace burnout has now been understood to be a key deterrent to a healthy lifestyle. A lot of individuals have gone through several remedies to check this fallout. However, beyond these ‘band- aid’ solutions, it needs to be understood that burnout is more an organizational failure, one that an individual is unlikely to be able to properly resolve. The classification of the term too has been complex, with even the WHO (World Health Organization) being unable to do much about it. There are also several hidden financial and emotional upheavals associated with this burnout. A study conducted by the marketing research firm Gallup, uncovered five major reasons that lead to such burnout. One of them is an unfair treatment at work, while another is excess workload. The third is ambiguity regarding work role, with a fourth being on poor communication or support system emanating from the senior position. Time pressure could be yet another of those issues. Frederick Herzberg’s Motivation- Hygiene Theory can be well applied to this situation.


Uploaded Date:27 December 2019

Organizational change is here, and companies need to act on it, if they aren’t already. To do this, first of all, they need to demonstrate ground change programmes. Several corporate training modules are available that work towards organizational transformation. Change strategies too need to be decluttered from the traditional thought process of working around the law of averages. Instead, they must be worked around the particular nature of the challenge. No company need shy away from complexity or uncertainty in change management. The use of technology must aid in talent recruitment, that will hire personnel, who will help execute such change. Emerging areas of science need to be tapped in to as they are bound to enhance such change programmes.


Uploaded Date:02 November 2019

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