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Business ResearchToday Business Research is the foundation for all new and growing Businesses.From Manufacturing to Services sector ,all businesses have unique problems and issues of sustainability.Business research in areas of uncertainity is imperitive as a tool to keep it going as well as proactively avoid major shakeouts.New Ideas and innovations also need to be tested and well researched in implementation to ensure success of the product.

SKYLINE has a group of experts having extensive knowledge base in Digital Marketing & Automation ,IT & Telecom,Tourism & Hospitality,Consumer products -FMCG as well as Durables,Phrama & Biogenerics,Healthcare,Automotive & ancilliaries and Infrastructure. These experts have impeccable credentials including cutting edge experience.They regularly attend sectoral meets hosted by industry Chamabers like FICCI,CII,and NHRD etc. and help them in bringing out reports.

The research resources available for focussed report generation,now essentially structured with global,regional ,national and local level perspectives,major players,their financials,business drivers,differential advantage,substitute threat,disruptive forces/changes,tariff barriers,sectoral technology evolution,market scenario and competition etc. are mapped Research assignments in the past include corporates like Honda,Tanishq,GMR ,Future Retail and CII and A T Kearney etc.

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Measuring the actual impact by any company is always a precarious task. EBITDA OR Earnings Before Interest Tax Depreciation and Amortization has historically been considered the benchmark for sound business analysis. But now Accounting for Impact has become mainstream thanks to the efforts of the IWAI or Impact Weighted Accounts Initiative undertaken by the Harvard Business School. Technology and big data are making all this possible. This could have major implications. Environmental costs for instance, varies from the mere five percent of the EBITDA for Nestle to sixty- two percent as in the case of the Associated British Foods. This may not all be negative for profit- making companies, as some have even smartly introduced the IWAI measures to expand their recruitment. Intel has been one such example. Such an index will also allow the various governments to tax the major defaulters per segment rather than imposing blanket taxes on the entire population.


Uploaded Date:29 September 2020

A new series of human stories and perspectives highlighting the effects that COVID- 19 is having on the people, is titled the New Possible. A lot of people had toiled for years, to make their ends meet, while many had by now established themselves. Then, COVID- 19 struck, and the hopes and aspirations of millions evaporated within weeks. The present crisis has disproportionately affected the livelihoods of the poorest of people, such as minorities across countries. Business intelligence arrived at from across academic studies, suggests that most people are pessimistic about the future of their country’s economy, with the Chinese people being noted exceptions. Stability is what people are searching for right now. They need security at this time of uncertainty. The scenario planning too has shifted this way.


Uploaded Date:04 August 2020

In order to serve the millennial- generation customers, companies need to acquire the right business intelligence on them. Studies have confirmed that millennials are not a unified generation themselves, but can be segmented further in to seven sub- groups. These groups may be classified on the basis of value, quality and image. The first of the groups are the Economizers. For them, the brand value does not matter, but economic deals do. The next are the Risk- avoiders. They are amongst the youngest within the group, part of the lower income group, and rely heavily on referrals. Then there are the Diligent Loyalists who ensure control over many aspects, while remaining well- informed on the latest of products. The Premium Enthusiasts are among the most educated within this group. They are highly brand conscious. YOLO- ers want to enjoy each day of life, more than anything else. Showcasers are among the wealthiest. They love flaunting their new purchases on social media, so they are the dream for digital marketing pros. Explorers are the first movers. They shop at specialty stores, do not mind paying a premium, and love experimenting on newer brands or products.


Uploaded Date:17 July 2020

Asia may be one continent the entire world could look at for any chances of an economic recovery post the present economic crisis induced by the pandemic. The performance and value of corporate Asia could determine the global scenario. Asia for the most part, is still developing, though not least developed. One aspect about business in Asia that has been observed is that the continent’s corporates have added scale, but underperformed in regards to profits. One unintended aspect is that Asian companies are allocating more capital on value- destroying sectors than other parts of the world are. When it comes to individual companies, Asia has its different levels. Those at the super star level tend to perform better in finance than their global peers. They however, underperform in the consumer- centric or in knowledge- intensive sectors. There are solid performers in the capital goods and domestic services, but there is also a long list of underperformers. Resilience is one aspect where Asian companies are strong at. Business intelligence collated points out to an economic profit of between four- hundred and forty billion to six- hundred and twenty billion dollars over the next few years.


Uploaded Date:09 June 2020

In the midst of negotiations, one often gets to hear about a “take it or leave it” kind of option. Such kinds of soft ultimatums are often used by negotiators to elicit concessions from the other side. To survive such hard negotiators, adopting a choice mindset, is what can be a game- changer. This choice mindset is when people recognize that they have an option, irrespective of the situation they are in. A paper was recently published dealing with this crucial aspect of talent management. It was published in the Organizational Behaviour and Human Decision Processes. It included findings from a total of six studies. Those who continue stretching discussions, under the assumption that choices exist, are practicing “distributive negotiations”. Here, one party’s loss, is necessarily the other’s gain. The other is “integrative negotiations”, where both sides part with some necessary trade- offs.


Uploaded Date:29 May 2020

The US Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) has declared that no new invention can be credited to Artificial Intelligence (AI), but only to a real human. This ruling was needed after two recent patents were filed in the name of an AI system called DABUS. The lobbying group felt that DABUS is also an individual, but the USPTO of course, rejected the same. This was part of the Artificial Inventor Project. This was a business research and development trial, aimed at demonstrating how AI has come of age. These inventions were also catalogued with the European Patent Office (EPO) and with the UK’s Intellectual Property Office (IPO). At least for now, the ruling means that no AI bot can be listed as an inventor.


Uploaded Date:30 April 2020

Besides the obvious impact on human life, it is now well understood that the COVID- 19 pandemic is going to have a massive impact on global economy. It is not yet clear whether this pandemic will lead to a full- blown recession or merely a short- term blip. One possibility is wholesale Darwinism, where only the toughest survive, and all others are forced to close shop. Global travellers could humbly be reduced to being local shoppers. There may be shows, but no live audiences. Digital marketing will grow increasingly important in such a scenario. There could be further consolidation in the fashion industry thanks to the increased feasibility of acquisitions. There are some immediate concerns for the apparels and fashion industry. An immediate review has to be done on 2020’s inventory, based upon which the 2021 collections could be worked out. Demand planning too needs a rewind. A likewise detailed business analysis needs to be made on the existing supply chain. It will need further digitization as well. For the longer- term considerations, competencies need to be honed in that will aim at transformation and resilience. Shifts in consumer behaviour and sentiment will need deeper study.


Uploaded Date:28 April 2020

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