Some strategies have been uncovered which will help brands ace the Customer Experience (CX). First of all, companies need to recognize the importance of time for the customer. To this end, ING Direct France, has been extremely proactive. Aviva France has gone one level up by introducing easy methods to pay. Digital marketing tools need to be used to make sure the customer feels connected, but not overwhelmed. In this way, as real estate firm Nexity did, customers get the assurance of support, but the constant over- arching presence of a seller. Guerlain which is a perfumer, is making use of Google Assistant to directly answer customer queries. Self- service tools also need to be brought in to the main fold. Stories need be shared with customers as this will apply the human touch to the brand. Collaborative work can be done as shown by Fox Not. The entire experience needs to be personalized as done by Accor Hotels. Customers could be provided sampling options before they buy, as Decathlon has done so well in Canada. For this, real- life simulation can be one of the most practical ways.


Uploaded Date:08 June 2019

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