There is hardly any industry now that is immune to the pressures of digitization. Travel and logistics signify the two extremes. While travel is most frequently searched online, logistics is hardly searched for. As per business intelligence provided by the Kuhne Logistics University in Germany and by Google, for every eight travel related searches in 2017, there was one search on logistics worldwide. However, this alone does not mean that logistics is totally immune to these pressures while travel is most digitally mature. There are parts and sub parts within this, which are at different ends. If one studies the trends in detail, the travel and tourism industry has seen a lot of digitization occurring within the B2C segment but not anything like that within the B2B sphere. A lot of this booking and search is now taking place using the mobile. This signifies the importance of the mobile phone when it comes to digital marketing. Logistics companies on the other hand are merely providing limited digital services. Online touch points abound in the travel purchase journey. Service providers need be wary of slow page loads, as this will be a way to lose customers.


Uploaded Date:31st December 2018

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