Some of the topmost successful companies in the world are defined with the excellent leadership they posses. So leaders from some of these top companies have shared their respective leadership secrets. Clara Liang of Airbnb has indicated how company growth implies mastering activities which in the past caused discomfort among its ranks. The Mobile Lead at Capital One has confirmed that all performances are ultimately dictated by the purpose and idea of potential that workers have. Amy Gershkoff of Ancestry cites business research conducted by McKinsey which claims that diverse teams especially those with a gender-balance tend to do better. The Director of Globalization at VMware stresses on negotiation skills of the leader. He also speaks of following the right action and the importance of strategic thinking. Aubrey Blanche of Atlassian says that leaders must know when to take advice and when to go on their own. The VP of Engineering at Groupon believes that a normalization in organizational culture is the first thing that business leaders must look to set. The Imposter Syndrome is something that female leaders have faced more often. Aradhana Vaidya of Auto desk says that customer feedback was a process and not a one-time activity as it provides enormous business intelligence. The VP for Partnerships at Women Who Code feels that a genuine rapport between employees and unambiguous communication are essentials before work commences. The Senior Project Manager at Wells Fargo feels that more than the leader it is the people who shape the organization. The leader needs to adapt according to the circumstances. The Senior VP for Engineering at LD Products enjoys crafting a team towards a common purpose.


Uploaded Date: 19th May 2019

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