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Training Programs: SKYLINE Business School, an 18 year old organisation has a background and rich experience in Training (MDPs, FDPs), Consultancy and Business Excellence Practices for corporates and students since its inception. SKYLINE offers latest learning programs in diversedomains, offering comprehensive training in a convenient and cost effective manner. Each training program is a bundle representing the content you would receive in a self-paced learning environment.To keep pace with changing technologies, corporate  environments , depleting natural resources ,global competition and above all changing consumer needs ,continuous trainings  are the bedrock of all progressive organisations . It is widely believed that 10-20% of an Organisation’s HR budget must be spent on training and development for an organisation to remain healthy, sustainable and for retention of talent.


Industry Training Offered By Skyline Management School

Human capital and economic growth are related by the fact that strong human capital is a facilitator of rapid economic development. The wealth of knowledge and skills within people is referred to as human capital, and it may be acquired through formal or informal education and training. Another connection between human capital and economic growth is the fact that capital investment in the health and wellbeing of people also translates to the development of the economy. Source:


Skyline’s Trainings cover MDPs, FDPs and trainings for corporates in the following broadareas:


Corporate Industry Trainings BY Skyline Management College


Technical trainings:

Trainings offered range from Microsoft EXCEL and Advanced EXCEL, SAP, SPSS to Six Sigma, TQM & Lean Management concepts.


We offer standard as well as customized training solutions targeted at Banks, Insurance companies, Financial Services Organizations and IT/ITES organizations – for skill up gradation of their employees. Trainings cover foreign exchange market, Cross border trade mechanism, currency conversion, payments, Finance for non Finance managers, Introduction to   Banking and Financial Instruments, Jobs in the Banking industry, NSE related trainings etc.


The Faculty Development Programme (FDP) is specially designed for faculty members of management education and training institutes. Case Study Methodology for Teaching, Master Training for School and University Teachers and Trainers are the key areas of this domain.

Behavioural and Workplace Required trainings:

SKYLINE offers customised behavioural training solutions for corporates primarily focussing on Soft skills, Corporate dressing, Etiquettes and Attitudinal training, Business Communication, Stress interviews etc . We carry out programs having an acute balance of science & psycho diagnostic study to identify skill gaps, develop customised content, deliver solutions through blended learning approach and carry out metrics based evaluation for clients.

Travel and Tourism:

From entry-level travel agent basics to senior management for agencies or tour operations, trainings on Fares and Ticketing, Geography, Fare construction and special fares, GDS, Amadeus and Galileo are offered. 

Sales and Marketing:

Sales techniques, customer service skills, marketing expertise , Approaching a customer ,Achieving targets , Closing the Sale are need based trainings for the Sales and marketing force of corporate are offered.

Customised Training:

Having a pool of exceptional trainers and faculty, need based customised trainings are conducted for companies for their employees and in house training requirements.

Associated with Trainings / Live Projects/ Consultancies in the past 

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To Attract Tech-Talent, Offer the Company, Not the Job  

A crucial task of HR managers is talent recruitment, especially of top technical talent. These people are more interested in working for an organization with a sense of purpose and a clear vision of where the organization sees itself in the next 3 years. HR managers have to align the company vision with the employee’s personal career path if they are to attract the right talent. Today, most senior talents are willing to compromise on salary if they can see themselves working in a special and innovative Company.So therefore, the advice is that focus on prospects of the Company while recruiting rather than talking about the details of the job description to attract the best.

How to Find and Hire Top Tech Talent

Talent recruitment in the IT industry is a major challenge due to the trend of traditional CVs being doctored by candidates and agents. Thus some objective selection criteria must be added to the process. Also remote hiring must be encouraged taking advantage of laptops, smart phones and tablets. Talent is emerging in previously unheralded regions such as Africa which has vast potential. The concept of promoting junior hires from within is gaining traction as programmers learn quickly on the job and carry the company culture forward.

5 Ways to improve your Search for Talent 

Talent recruitment is proving to be such a challenge for various firms, yet many are not doing the background work needed in order to succeed at this. The company website is which first introduces the prospective candidate to the organization, and that must be informative and the design attractive. Social network must be utilized to project good image about the firm as that will help in recruitments and digital marketing. This online presence must not be influenced by the device used, and content must eb compatible across platforms. Yet, the aspirant has to somehow be attracted to the main office as there still remains no substitute for direct interaction. Hiring managers must act as brand ambassadors for the firm. 

Managing Knowledge Transfer when older workers Leave

With the US population ageing, a problem of older people leaving the workforce and not being properly replaced by younger ones is becoming a common ailment. While explicit knowledge may be recorded and filed, tacit knowledge held by experienced professionals can never be replicated. Thus organizations are grappling with this situation and best ways to address this issue. Talent management teams across firms are setting up knowledge transfer tools so that this tacit knowledge can somehow not be lost. A specific succession plan is being devised such that the outgoing employee can spend quality time with the younger replacement and train accordingly.

Business Organizations: Value of Talent and Knowledge Management

Dada Adefolami who is one of Africa’s leading management consulting experts has highlighted the importance of talent management and explained how that is a multi disciplinary art. It involves capability management which evaluates the competencies existing within the firm, so that gaps may be filled by recruiting the right talent. Then there is knowledge management which seeks to manage the existing knowledge pool in order to provide best benefits to the organization. There is also the concept of creative organization which refers to the firm’s abilities to innovate as far as possible out of the talent and resource pool.

8 Workplace Practices that Scare Me

 management consulting expert has shared some insights on workplace practices which are not in sync with present business requirements. One of them is the performance review that has been scrapped at some places, yet is being recycled in different forms. In fact a lot of measurements are happening just for the sake instead of any attempts at genuine change. Labeling or categorizing employees is also a harmful practice as many do not necessarily exhibit innate characteristics associated with. More provisions must be made to accommodate employees working remotely from home as this aids talent management. There is also way too much focus on the final results. In fact money is seen as a result of performances delivered alone. Jeff Bezos of Amazon is one perfect example of an executive who has not managed human behaviour within the firm properly. There are some organizations which are quick to implement changes just because some labs have proven the same, yet these practices may not suit within the milieu of the industry.

5 Innovative examples to boost your Workforce Performance with Performance Support Tools (PST) 

Business innovations have taken place which enable the execution of improved workforce management using Performance Support Tools (PSTs). An Interactive PDF is ideal tool for first time learners. When they move up a notch or two, an e-Book with SCORM packaging can further enhance the knowledge. Kinetic text or animations are simple yet its instructional designers have made sure that this tool can help reinforce an idea or practically apply matter learnt till that stage. Whiteboard animations are the ultimate troubleshooting tool. When market and technology changes, videos can best capture the essence of the impacts. 

3 Trends in Leadership Training and Development for 2016


Employees usually do not get excited about training. It’s a challenge for the training department to continuously find new creative ways to train the employees and to keep their interest level high.

The method of learning has been drastically changed by technology. Employers are adopting these new methods as they  reduce the time, effort and costs involved in training. Savings in cost could be up to 90 percent.

The first of the three leadership corporate training trends to watchout for in future is blended learning which integrates e-learning or the virtual classroom with in-person training sessions. It takes advantages of both teaching styles. Another trend which is taking off is incorporating fun in the learning process, that is,  gamification. This involves using games to increase employee engagement. Lastly, mobile learning is on the rise as it provides access to information 24/7 anywhere. However, lessons have to be shorter.

It is essential that we continue to use technology new training methods that engage employees which will have a positive impact on the bottom line of your organization.

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