SKYLINE Knowledge Center’s Talent Outsourcing division manages backend research & office support professionals for Executive Search firms based overseas at cost effective levels. Our client list includes London based organizations sourcing talent for Global CXO and senior positions.

Backend support processes include research and creating profiles from diverse sources including company websites, professional platforms like LinkedIn & also through social platforms to create comprehensive profiles. These profiles are ported in the Client’s database to create a long list, which is a resource used during the B2B pitching by client.

Backend researchers and HR professionals are matched with the Client’s needs and culture who work out of India but engaged with clients on dedicated and day to day schedules with access to client systems and software. All work is directly ported on client software systems installed by clients.

Skyline Knowledge Centre offers similar models to Recruiters, Head Hunters and Talent Search firms based anywhere globally with cost effective,skilled and experienced HR Talent.


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