One of the areas which is seeing substantial business innovation, is in customer experience. One of them is exemplified by a gourmet chain called Momofuku, which has launched in New York, its first mobile- only restaurant, called Ando. Another is a companion bot known as Endurance which connects best with patients suffering from Alzheimer’s. Ink hunter app lets customers try tattoos before the actual process. L’Oréal’s NYX provides virtual beauty advisers. GE’s Healthymagination enables customers to be immersed in global healthcare. Convenient customization is also offered by Levi’s. Lost customers may get tracked using Lowe’s Vison In Store Navigation app. Chinese kiosks such as Ping An Good Doctor are replacing human doctors using AI. Insomniacs may not be helped to fall asleep using a chatbot called Insomnobot- 3000, developed by Casper. Lifestyle brand Refinery 29 has developed an app called 29 Rooms to showcase its brand.


Uploaded Date:13 May 2019

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