Companies worldwide, across sectors are struggling hard to modernize their technology. This is needed urgently now as technology is no longer merely an aid to business, but an actual driver. For this, some steps have been documented, which when followed help in the process. The first principle has to be to put the customer at the centre of all decision making. The company architecture needs to be simplified, as this will help amplifying the technology to all parts of the physical space. The entire design has to be geared towards speed and flexibility in execution. The right talent management practices need to be brought in so that a proper company culture gets curated, and there is proactive workforce engagement. An overall services mindset has to be adopted. The journey has to be plotted right at the beginning at the time when the corporate strategy is drafted in. The hierarchy must be design to leverage the existing in- house capabilities. Universally, agile and user- friendly tactics need to be applied. Any investment in resources has to be planned for the long run, so that these transformations stick on. Business partners too have to be identified based on trust and shared values.


Uploaded Date:03 July 2019

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