The Katzenbach Center has come up with a few principles that bring about a positive organizational culture. First of all, companies need to identify, its cultural markers. Once this done, it must work while keeping in mind such norms. This will also enable for the behaviours and mindsets to change accordingly. There must be focus especially on the few critical behaviours. Some personnel must be located as the authentic informal leaders. This will be the ones setting up the cultural agenda at the workplace. However, at the same time, the formal leaders must not escape the usual scrutiny. The talent management systems here need to be such that the behaviours can be aligned with the broader business objectives. These behaviours also need to get linked with the programmatic efforts. The impact of all the efforts made thus far, will also need to be demonstrated fairly rapidly. To ensure that proactive behaviours get adopted universally, cross- organizational methods need to be made use of. The cultural situation of course, needs to be managed over a period of time.


Uploaded Date:24 June 2019

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