Company anniversaries always bring this realization of how organizations change over time. It depends on people in charge changing customer expectations and of course the skills in demand. However, the company DNA or its ultimate values must not alter too much. In order to get top value out of any organization’s core, certain principles have proven useful over time. One such is that for all the changes in personnel, all employees may broadly be grouped under seven categories which are – passive-aggressive, resilient, just-in-time, overmanaged, fits-and-starts, outgrown and military-precision. Ultimately companies are a combination of these personalities, a few of which always endure. A common concern among companies across the board is the mismatch between grandiose corporate strategy and its weak execution. Even where execution is strong, it has been observed to be non-durable unless frequent external interventions exist. Four pairs of independent factors are most responsible for final performance. These pairs are- decision rights and norms, motivators and commitments, information and mindsets, and finally structure and networks. The organizational chart must only be the framework, not the final word. Instead intangible factors also creep in. High performance is a result of holistically driven values and not a one-off.


Uploaded Date:16 November 2017

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