A lot of companies experience a gap between their lofty corporate strategy documents with the actual execution of the same. That is why a thinktank has listed out ten principles which can reduce this gap. In spite of the obvious differential, companies must for a start nonetheless aim for the stars. Brands must leverage their inherent strengths. They need to be ambidextrous to the point that they can dabble in a number of work styles. The right talent management would dictate that each person’s role within the overall strategy be well explained. The entire structure must ultimately be aligned with this overall strategy. Functional teams are just for convenience sake but must not act as silos or barriers. The aim must be to be get as digital as possible. The management team must try to keep things simple. The value chain must also be shaped accordingly. To ensure coherence, collective mastery has to be inculcated.


Uploaded Date:18 June 2018

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