A lack of a leadership pipeline to succeed the present top management is a grave concern across organizations. Business research titled Global Human Capital Trends 2016 conducted by Deloitte confirms that nearly ninety percent of executive survey respondents saw the need to strengthen and reengineer the present organizational leadership as top priority. Yet fifty-six percent reaffirmed that their respective organizations were not ready for the transition yet. Usually such gaps can be identified in advance if one takes note of some warning signals. One such is that blind-spots routinely become stumbling blocks. Inexperience results in mistakes being repeated. Then, critical thinking abilities lessen. The firm can no longer bear the tag of a learning company. People related matters keep engulfing across the organization. Talent retention gets poor at such places. In fact due to such low retention rates and expertise within the firm, the quest for better ability from external sources is always on. The top management at such places lacks diversity. Even the employees expected to perform, quickly fall under the trap, resulting in lowered productivity levels. Another trend at such firms is that teams can never arrive at any particular decision. The brain-storming takes ages. Some steps have been identified to bridge the gaps and solve these problems. First of all the challenges need to identified before solving. Then the damage already done needs to be assessed. Then reasons need to be understood for the existence of such gaps. At the final stage, the problems in the talent management pipeline need to be closed down post benchmarking the best of practices.


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