The Forbes magazine has conducted a thorough research to identify the companies across the globe, that have the most customer- centric of systems. More than merely a list, the publication has broken down the names across eight key industries, which are in- retail, finance, B2B, healthcare, agriculture, manufacturing, telecom and in insurance. To begin with, in retail it is Wegmans that tops the list followed by Trader Joe’s. Glossier, Warby Parker, Sephora, Amazon, Casper, Away Luggage, Best Buy and the traditional giant Target make up the rest of the top ten. Warby Parker is especially putting to great use its data warehousing mechanism, by fetching relevant records to understand customer behaviours to tailor the marketing accordingly. In finance, it is Citizens on top. The next nine are Chase, Ally Bank, Navy Federal Credit Union, Huntington National Bank, Charles Schwab, ING, Edward Jones, Discover and Capital One. One Medical tops the list for Healthcare. The rest in it include UCB, Kaiser Permanente, RDMD, Propeller, VR Health, Acxiom, Cloud Care, Novo Nordisk and Solv. Slack and DHL top the B2B rankings, which it is Workday and of course Google who are on top of the list for software or internet. Montage tops hospitality and USAA does likewise for insurance. And finally, there is Dish Network for Telecom, Subaru for manufacturing and Indigo in agriculture.


Uploaded Date:11 September 2019

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