Working under narcissistic bosses can be really tough but that can be propounded by being poorly dealt. The problem further aggravates because a lot of narcissists appear confident and charming to the outside world, implying that the pain that their subordinates suffer do not get reflected. These people are quick to claim credit for other’s work and possess a sense of entitlement. One of the ways to cope up with such situations is to control one’s own ego in order to avoid clash. It is also recommended that such superiors must be complimented at all time usually when the two are alone. There may still be a lot to learn from such leaders such as exuding charisma and ability to look calm under pressure. It will also be good to avoid gossip near such bosses as these people tend to be very control savvy and thus trying to collect information within the organization at all times. Ultimately it is advisable to weigh all options carefully as it may not be a good thing to quit the job. Another place may have a similar leader with management consulting publication Harvard Business Review confirming the same through their study.


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