n the on-demand economy, most firms evaluate their workers through customer feedback systems. This creates an enormous amount of emotional labour pressure among the workers, similar to that faced in the airline industry by flight attendants and stewards. This is particularly true for Uber which has seen a number of its drivers facing stress, often not due to their fault but due to customers being unable to use the app properly or even reasons for technicality. Some methods have been identified to support this aspect of the on-demand economy better. First of all workers may instead be hired as full time employees as that will provide them greater security at work. The Finnish company ‘Happy-or-Not’ has created a scale involving facial expressions and Emojis for evaluation of people. Business research conducted by the company confirms that this enables better ratings by customers than the Likert Scale of 1 to 5. Users must also be given the option to do more if they desire so such as the tipping mechanism is much better embedded at Lyft than at Uber. Ultimately, companies in this segment must understand that they operate in the service sector and must equally take care of their employees the way they will of their customers.


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