Human resource management is getting a dose of revolution thanks to the onslaught of technology. Several apps and tools are now available to make work easier such as Workday in HRM, Jolt in workforce management, CATS in recruitment and staffing and Kenexa in talent management. However a lot of HR tech goes waste due to investment in the wrong tools or unnecessary solutions. Learning management is one field within HR where investment is pertinent due to the fact that corporate training is set for several changes. Employees prefer online tools as they provide the flexibility of time to undergo training at anytime suitable on any topic where help is needed. This is in marked contrast to the classroom mode where sessions are pre-decided as per a certain rigorous schedule. Like in CRM, recruitment solutions must create files on each case as the former would do for customers. An ideal workforce management tools meanwhile must incorporate payroll, attendance, leave scheduling and forecasting of labour or staff requirements.


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