Organizations across sectors and regions experience cases where bosses hurt the competitiveness due to their lack of a grip on the people. They speak out of turn and cannot gauge the emotions of the staff members while forever focusing on the results alone. This is because talent recruitment is rarely conducted on behavioral aspects but instead focuses on qualifications and work experience. Some points if applied can still lead to effective behavioral event interviews. First of all personality tests do not measure Emotional Intelligence and must be not be attempted for this purpose. Self report tests also do not work because chances are high that the aspirant will try to hide one’s shortcomings. Three sixty degree feedback must be used for corporate training and not for evaluation. Best way to measure EI is to get hold of the candidates’ references and speaking with them. Such behavior related interviews must try to make the candidate comfortable as only then will genuine aspects come out. The candidate can be asked to narrate one successful and another not so stories about their life or career.


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