Organizations are increasingly reliant on the specific skills that freelancers bring. Their agile talent is being leveraged to provide solutions required for a particular purpose, yet management processes haven’t evolved enough to provide them with proper mentorship. Similarly, there is no role that has emerged to manage such agile talent. Some solutions have been suggested though. One of them is to assign a roving Chief Technology Officer (CTO) who only works with freelancers. Once the task is done or contract over, the CTO moves on to the next such solutions provider. Another such option is to actually create a new position called external talent manager. This person will only manage all such freelancers or contract workers. A third option is to utilize the specific skills of existing project managers as they have ample experience in managing remote employees. Facebook, Intel and LinkedIn have already adopted this approach. Another approach could be to broaden the existing job profiles of C-Suite members. It could involve talent management of contractual workers and freelancers. Since these people are already managing internal teams, it will only be a valuable addition to also incorporate the management of external staff under them.


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