Identifying a manager is a tricky task. A manager has to manage teams, report to senior levels and has to do all this from almost immediately with a minimum bedding-in period. Several aspects of the previous individual contributor tasks need to be abandoned in favour of the holistic approach. He /she needs to stop micromanaging subordinates’ task as that is extremely harmful for their growth. Doing tasks oneself instead of delegating because of a belief in oneself alone is also not conducive. There needs to be a constant flow of communication with direct reports as they will then understand best their roles. A set of questions must be set aside to pose to potential managers before the screening on how they will react to such conditions. Management training can also be gained from past experiences such a leading a sports team in school, organizing an event or simply being the elder most of the siblings. Managers must possess a vision to look beyond the short term goals and achieve those enshrined in the corporate strategy. Their people- skills must be top notch.


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