Freelance working has lots of benefits, but fair share of challenges, not least of them the boredom one feels after working alone for hours each day. In order to keep up motivation and engagement levels, there are certain strategies that management consulting professional – Ms. Alison Buckholts- feels that freelance workers must adopt. The best such companion could be a good book. The knowledge gained out of regular book reading can further improve freelance work. All remote workers must step outside the house at least once during a day. While going out thought, the temptation to splurge on unnecessary items needs to be curtailed. Freelance employees often team up just because they are on the same boat, but such arrangements rarely work for the same reason that these people chose the life of independence. Making someone else happy can be a source of intrinsic motivation. Ultimately all freelancers must realize that their work is for the purpose of money. While they may not experience first-hand appreciation on regular basis, the financials should take care of this. Exercising for the sake of it can be the ultimate de-stressor. Finally, one has to remember during the darkest times, that there are people doing much worse jobs under terrible conditions.


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