Weekly Seminars give students an insight into perceptions of corporate guests and domain experts, Behavioral experts talk on balancing work life inequities and ironing out individual skews



1 07.10.10 Mr. Ajay Arora -DGM-Strategic Planning & Projects – Hero Corporate Service Ltd. Operational strategies, planning and implementation.
2 21.10.10 Mr. Alain Ouvrieu-Director–Business School of Normandie – (School of Passerelle World, France) Special French Seminar
3 28.10.10 Mr. Ajay Chowdhary-Associate Vice President-People Development – CHR – SRF Ltd. Leadership
4 07.01.11 Mr. Ashutosh Dutt -Manager–Sales Asia Pacific – Groupsoft. Digital Marketing.
5 08.01.11 Mr. Virender Khanna-Ex-HOD – Sh. Sukhdev College of Business Studies (DU).Alumnus of SRCC & Dept. of Business Econonics, Delhi University. Opportunities in the Education Sector.
6 14.01.11 Mr. Sandeep Mohanty-Sr. Manager-Amtek HR practices and trends.
7 21.01.11 Mr. Paritosh Sharma-CEO-untilROi Digital Media.
8 11.02.11 Mr. Tejinder Jassal-Business Head-Synthis Lessons on a successful career in Marketing.
9 18.02.11 Mr. Arun Sangwan-Sr. Consultant,B2B B2B Marketing.
10 04.03.11 Mr. Aman Nagar-Head of Govt. Business-ACER
IT Marketing.
11 18.03.11 Mr. Mehrnosh Dittia-Head-MAX Hospital Importance of Soft Skills.
12 01.04.11 Mr. Bidyut Kumar–Additional General Manager (AGM)—Power Grid Corporation of India Limited (PGCIL) Project Management.
13 08.04.11 Mr. Susanta Sengupta-Ex-GM-SCOPE and NTPC
Troubleshooting during dispute between Service Provider & Service Receiver
14 18.08.11 Mr. Amit Sinha-Head-Akshamaala Solution (P) Ltd Entrepreneurship in practise in the Indian context
15 25.08.11 Mr. Rajesh Chuthani-Regional Manager-Ciena (Telecom MNC) An insite on the telecom sector
16 01.09.11 Ms. Shushma Gupta-Freelancer Career in HR.
17 15.09.11 Mr. Anil Kumar Sinha-CA-Power Grid Corporation of India Ltd. – Fin. Dept. Financial working culture in public sector vs. Private Sector.
18 22.09.11 Mr. A. Shrivastva, V.P.–Fiedelia Systems Digital Marketing.
19 29.09.11 Mr. Anupam Bose-Project Management-Free Lancer (OIL and Gas Projects Abroad) International Business in Energy Sector
20 20.10.11 Mr. Vishal Mittal-Managing Director-Altais Advisors Pvt Ltd Value Investing
21 03.11.11 Mr. Akarshan Chopra-Heading All India OEM Segment & Distribution Network.-Delta Electonics Channel Management.
22 09.11.11 Professor Steve Bristow-Senior Advisor-British Accreditation Council. Challenges to Corporate Governance
23 25.01.12 Mr. Sunny Sharma-Evangelist-Foetron Ltd. Social Media/Live project.
24 01.02.12 Mr. Saurabh Jain -Sr. Consultant Scope of Business Analytics in the Modern World.
25 15.02.12 Mr. C.Rajagopalan -BNP Paribas Leveraging LinkedIn to establish a Strong Professional Online Presence.
26 28.03.12 Ms. Jyotsna Aswal-General Manager-URS Scott Wilson India Private Limited The Creative Side of Human Resource Management
27 04.04.12 Ms. Deepti Pant-Founder & Director-Innovation Consultancy Innovation Management
28 11.04.12 Mr. K.N. Pandey-Chief Manager, HR Department-Power Grid Corporation of India Limited (PGCIL). Knowledge Management.
29 18.04.12 Mr. Siddharth Sahai-Retirement LLC Six Sigma
30 04.05.12 Mr. K.N. Pandey-Chief Manager, HR Department-Power Grid Corporation of India Limited (PGCIL). Special Session with HR Students
31 14.8.12 Mr. Atanu Dasgupta-GM (Retd.)-Power Grid Corporation Marketing & Financial Services.
32 21.8.12 Ms. Priyadarshini L-Business Group Head -ONICRA Credit Rating Agency Credit Rating and Financial Services in India.
33 28.8.12 M.S. Rawat-Works on projects of top European Investment bank, Expertise in Equity Research Financial Products & Markets.
34 09.04.12 Ms. Rumki Chattergee-Insurance Consultant-Financial Claims Advisory Service UK Marketing & Financial Services
35 09.11.12 Ms. Charneeta Kaur-Faculty-NIFT The World of Fashion Retail
36 14.9.12 Mr. K.N. Pandey-Chief Manager, HR Department-Power Grid Corporation of India Limited (PGCIL). Knowledge Management.
37 09.01.13 Mr. C. Rajagopalan-CEO-Pragmatic Learning Pvt. Ltd. Why should students leverage social Technologies for professional Advantage
38 16.1.13 Mr. Rahul Bhatia-Branch Head-Innovative Financial Management Introduction to stock trading & understanding stock exchages
39 23.1.13 Mr. Bhisham Snapshot of e-Commerce & its Exponential Growth.
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