Some of Australia’s prominent entrepreneurs have compiled a few aspects that determine business innovation for them. Alex Louey of Appscore says that for him, innovation is the entire mindset and an attitude that ensures the ideals will never get too old. Alastair Coleman who is the Founder of Nothing But Web feels that innovation is essential for his firm to achieve its corporate strategy. Taryn Williams who runs both THERIGHTFIT and WINK Models, feels that accepting the status quo goes against her understanding of innovation. Founder of WME, Nick Bell, says that innovation grips him with this constant sense of urgency. Flux’s Co-founder Nathan Spataro feels that it is innovation that enables his problems to give way to solutions. Nick Austin of Divvy Parking says that to him innovation is simply creating something better and smarter for the people around himself. Dan Nolan, the co-founder of Proxima says that innovation ensures knowledge can never be contained or curtailed. To Slingshot’s Criag Lambert, it is entrepreneurs using new technologies who are driving innovation. Meanwhile, Richard Kimber of OFX feels that innovation can sometimes be not something new, but reinvention from a new angle. Christ Strode of Invoice2go agrees to quite an extent. Innovation for Steve Shelley of Deputy is the improvement of some invention. Matt Bullock of e-WAY feels that innovation is the sum total of service, agility and technology. It is the only reason for Steven Marks of Guzman y Gomez to be entrepreneurs. The CEO of Afterpay, Nick Molnar says that innovation has given him the strength to look at life differently and accept the challenges.


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