It is a well-known fact that diversity at workforce leads to improved employee engagement and innovation levels. While racial and gender diversity have been emphasized upon, there is still a shortage of minorities and women at senior executive levels at most organizations. So, a study was conducted to assess various CEOs’ opinions on diversity at the workplace.Those interviewed included CEOs of YouTube, Salesforce, Starbucks, Wikimedia Foundation, Ariel Investments and Staples. The general view emanating is that diversity was better to foster an innovative spirit, understand customer base, for talent recruitment and its subsequent retention. Gap has created a programme known as Women and Opportunity with a specific eye on creating top level executive positions for women. Four key lessons emerged from these discussions on how to forge greater diversity and inclusivity within an organization. First of all, the concept of inclusion must emanate from the top. In case, diversity measures do not succeed, the leaders must hold themselves accountable. The diversity planned must not be restricted in any particular brand or department, but must be a common aim across the organization. Finally, the leaders must broaden their own understanding of diversity to also include aspects such as disability or freedom of expression.

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Uploaded Date:21 November 2017


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