Technology has brought about massive innovation and disruption in the business world. Big Data has made sure that supply lines are now global, services digitized and smart devices connected to each other. Foresighted organizations are not only executing today’s functions but also preparing for upcoming changes. Such firms are making sure that corporate culture does not get restricted to traditional silos, so there is open communication between different teams. A structure of governance built around the concept of accountability is taking over. With millennials flocking the workforce, talent management will play a critical roles. These newer recruits do not want to be restricted by limitations on work space and time. They want to be given the independence to work from anywhere. Culture, structure and talent will all need to be balanced in the upcoming era.


The Future of Work: Creative destruction and the New World of Work

When Joseph Schumpeter remarked regarding ‘creative destruction’ nearly three quarters of a century back,business innovation was relatively at its infancy. Now job profiles have undergone massive change. Several lines have ceased and been replaced by others. Machines have largely taken over routine tasks. On the other hand technology based jobs have proliferated. The concept of freelance jobs has gained credence. As per a report more than fifty million people in the USA are employed in some sort of freelance jobs. Some are doing this in addition to their main occupation while others have opted for a bouquet of part time jobs. The definitions of terms such as contractor and worker have gone through changes. The likes of Uber, Lyft and Etsy have empowered individuals while reducing the role of intermediaries.

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