Today’s customer is less loyal to the actual product or service, more so to the content aggregator. A study recently concluded that just less than half of the consumers polled will not hesitate in changing brand if there is a service glitch next time and an alternative is found. Today’s consumers book rides via Uber, with the driver being less important. Similarly Seamless, Handy and Open Table have become more important to the customer than restaurants, contractors or hosts respectively. The aggregator wars between Apple, Google and Facebook are thus crucial to gauge upcoming business trends. Marketing research conducted by Pew clearly illustrates that average viewers to websites directed via Facebook spend far less time on the content than those directly accessing the respective sites. These aggregators have access to enormous amounts of data that are then broken down using business analytics for marketers to leverage. Harry’s, Warby Parker, Buffer and Macy’s are some examples of companies who have adopted unique approaches to beat off the advances of aggregators and still remain relevant to its audiences.


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