There is a drastic need for a new type of business leaders. What is typically taking places at present is that due to shortages of talented personnel, the ones available are promoted hastily. This is all the more significant because due to fast altering business practices and digitization and work, younger people are getting the nod to higher positions. On the one hand, this is an attempt at talent management, yet on the other hand, these talented individuals may lack the emotional maturity to lead teams. Elsewhere, simply due to internal politics, long serving employees get promoted. These senior pros may be good at certain aspects, but may lack the holistic managerial skills to be counted as genuine leaders. Integrity is another aspect which needs to be looked into. A clear example of this aspect missing surfaced earlier this year at FIFA which has been rocked by terrible allegations of corruption and bribery.  Thus testing and experimentation remain important steps in the profiling of potential business leaders.

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