The travel industry has faced massive upheaval thanks to the digitization process. Travelers are now internet savvy and book their travels online rather than glossing over countless tourist brochures. To counter this, the industry now focuses on content that is inspirational rather than aspirational. Peer reviews from TripAdvisor are often seen as challenging, yet Puerto Rico Tourism developed a promotional video which only included positive reviews from the forum. This created a positive vibe and the actual reviewers turned into screenwriters overnight. Norway meanwhile has the unique problem of excess rainfall during summers. So the country’s tourism board launched a challenge which was taken up by two young men to traverse the country and not find rain. While the boys weren’t successful, their entire journey was captured and images of great beauty could be shown to vast audience. Similarly the United States Tour Operators Association engaged in business innovation by asking a celebrity to be shot at various unique spots, to counter the negative vibes on the internet discouraging travelers to venture across exotic places for fear of calamity. This video clearly calmed the fears of potential travelers.

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