The China National Tourism Administration has shortlisted ten news stories which it feels are the most significant for the year 2015. The first one of them says that a tenth of global GDP and nearly that much of global employment figures will be filled up by the tourism industry. The year 2017 will now be seen as the year of sustainable tourism. The 21st round of the UNWTO meet was held at Medellin in Columbia this year. To develop tourism across China, construction of toilets has started in the country. Outbound tourism from China to the USA will get easier thus boosting tourism jobs. Spain has been lauded as the best country overall within the industry for the year. However, terrorist attacks in neighbouring France have been condemned by the UNWTO. Tourism to Turkey may get adversely impacted due to the sanctions imposed on the same by Russia. On the more positive side, travel jobs in Africa recovered thanks to the end of the Ebola outbreak. Finally, China is set to co-host the World Conference on Tourism for Development in the year 2016.

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