The travel and tourism industry has witnessed enormous change over the past five years or so. Instead of annual holidays being a family affair, now youngsters are traveling round the clock, throughout the year often in small groups, or even solo. Booking holidays meant making phone calls to airlines, hoteliers or travel agents, but it is now a process involving a few clicks using smartphone based booking apps. The concept of searching for destinations did not exist as people went to clichéd locations but now youngsters are exploring offbeat places. Instead of struggling for locating destinations on physical cumbersome maps, tourism boards and hoteliers are instead coming to us by conducting digital marketing on mobile apps themselves. Keeping in touch with loved ones no longer means cameras with rolls or postcards, but social media tools such as Facebook, Instagram and Skype. Travel offers and discounts now roll on the whole year. Accommodation preferences have also increased in option as now tribes of travelers prefer offbeat options such as couch surfing, farm stays or camps.


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