Chinese nationals are now the source for maximum global travel numbers and their presence at any location is source of economic boom for that place. Prague, the capital of the Czech Republic is now overtaking London as their preferred choice of destinations. Chine visitors are also making up for the loss of tourism jobs temporarily due to the reduction in inbound tourism numbers from Russia. The Czech Republic’s positioning as a history and heritage destination is getting a boost due to the aggressive marketing done by Chine outbound tour operators. However, majority of Chinese travelers are sticking to Prague only. Eventually the Czech Republic has to expand beyond the congested tourist spots to some offbeat locations too. This will be driven by the ‘second wave’ of Chinese tourists. They will then be able to cover destinations as diverse as historical towns Telc and Cesky Krumlov, spas of Marianzke Lazne and Karlovy Vary and the famous brewing centre of Pilsen. If the Czech Republic can position these as well it will set off a new wave of Chinese visitors, something that the UK, Australia, Italy and Thailand haven’t managed quite so well.


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