Italy has always been amongst the top most visited countries in the world, yet number could rise further threatening to overcrowd some of the most popular tourist destinations. This is due to the ongoing political troubles in neighbouring countries such as Turkey, Egypt and Tunisia coupled with Italians’ own reticence at traveling abroad. So sites such as Venice, Florence and Naples could be teeming with tourists from newly wealthy travelers from China, India and other developing countries. As a response, authorities and marketers in Italy are promoting somewhat off beat tourist destinations so that the pressure of tourism could be somewhat shared.Marketing research conducted has clearly proven that eighty percent of visitors book online, so online portals have started a campaign to promote alternative destinations such as Ferrara or Bologna over Florence.  Also most of the first time visitors will need to tick off their bucket list by traveling to the best known spots but from the second visit onwards, people do venture to other less well known but equally enchanting places.


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