Across the board marketers are seemingly losing credibility. This is particularly precipitated by the low trust endowed on them by the CEOs. Business research conducted by UK based Fournaise Group confirms that eighty percent of CEOs believe marketers lack credibility. An attitudinal change is needed and some CEOs have spoken out in support of their marketing teams and ways to bridge this gap. William Topaz, the CEO of believes that clear communication is essential with the marketing team. A mutual respect is essential, reiterates Erica Vener of Red Seal. Customer participation is top priority for Glance Networks’ Holly Chessman. Ann Ashbey of MD save is particularly mindful about marketing not being restricted within silos, but being collaborative. For Killer Infographics’ Erin McCoy, a CEO needs to be the company’s chief evangelist. He/she needs to be at the centre of all company branding and make sure the vision and mission are served to the hilt possible. Tom Lange, who is the CEO of Union Pacific states that stimulating creativity and innovation is the key task of a business leader. Charlie Riley of Lawley has a revolutionary idea. He feels that the CEO must necessarily be on the marketing team.  Ensuring that the corporate strategy and vision are aligned with the actual work, is the key task of a CEO, according to IQ Media’s Ashley Deibert. Fostering flexibility is key to Credit Sesame’s Stacy Wakefield. Kris Kaneta at Tele Tracking Technologies feels that a leader must constantly ask what the marketing is doing to help oneself. McAfee’s Brandie Clarborn says that a CMO must have a seat equal to a CEO. Finally, Sprout Social’s Andrew Caravella feels a data-driven marketing team ought to be assembled.


Uploaded Date:27/06/2017

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