In order to gain an upper hand over its rivals, Uber China has forayed into the world of travel by integrating the same as part of its services. Uber China as well as its main local rival Didi Chuxing have prioritized gaining market share over making money. Also fund raising has been an issue but heavy competition exists in that sphere as well. Didi Chuxing has been backed up with funds by Apple and Alibaba while Baidu is supporting Uber China. Rising income levels in China has meant that outbound tourism for the middle class is more feasible now. Expenditure on the same has risen by more than fifty percent according to tourism consultingprovided by the World Travel and Tourism Council (WTTC). Uber China aims to integrate all travel aspects within a single app to ensure travel becomes hassle-free. The eventual aim is that every Uber driver can in essence double up as a local guide.


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