Expert predictions on the future of the European travel markets especially on wellness and spa have been chronicled in a business consulting assignment submitted by the Global Wellness Institute. Some interesting findings have been reported in it. With growing stress among people in today’s digital age, more number of people require wellness in their lives and to meet such mass needs clinics will depart from their existing glitzy feel to being more inclusive. There was a period when there was stagnation in the growth of the wellness tourism industry in Europe, but now it is bouncing back with fresh investments. In fact it is expected to be the fastest growing sub-sector within the broad category of travel and tourism. Kurs have existed as a way of life in Europe for a long time, but now they are getting packaged to time bound deals. Eastern Europe has been relatively a less important part for this industry, but now it is gaining ground with development of wellness properties across countries such as Azerbaijan, Croatia, Estonia, Latvia, Georgia, Lithuania, Macedonia, Montenegro, Slovakia and Slovenia. Even some branded hot spring properties are getting developed in Hungary, Poland, Moldova and Czech Republic. With so much of wellness awareness growing, big food companies are bound to be affected. Wellness beauty is in fact taking over from the early Euro-centric cosmetic tradition focusing on external physical appearances. This has led to the beauty industry being driven by latest sophisticated technology. The wellness industry though has to be very careful of not being mixed up with the terms- wellbeing and happiness. While those terms may appear related, there is a prominent point of difference. Source:

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