Iceland has been one country that has seen a massive rise in influx of foreign tourists, yet its hospitality industry has been unable to keep pace with this growth. That is where bed-and-breakfast aggregator Airbnb has come in to the rescue. Tourism consulting provided by Statistics Iceland has confirmed that whilst there has been a forty two percent increase in hotel rooms in the country, the demand has gone up by more than six times that figure. This shortfall has to some extent been resolved by Airbnb whose numbers now indicate that nearly ten thousand travelers can now stay at any one point in the various bedrooms aggregated in the capital Reykjavik. This success of Airbnb though has not been met with unanimous applause as there have been accusations of price increase in the surrounding areas. Apparently Airbnb has even escaped paying the Hotel Tax plus a number of people who have invested in hotel properties are seeing the company as a competitor which is cutting away a huge slice.


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