With rising medical costs back home, increasing numbers of American tourists are visiting foreign countries for medical travel. As per tourism consulting provided by Oxford Economics, medical tourism is an industry worth US$ 439 billion at present. However, certain points need to be considered before making the plunge. Savings admittedly are massive. But serious risks may still arise due to language differences and standard safety practices being different in other parts of the world. There may be some unforeseen medical complications and thus specialized insurance for that must be availed. Before visiting any foreign country for this purpose, thorough homework must be done. Travelers often forget the very reasons for their travel and post recovery indulge in typical pleasurable activities which are often harmful to the body. Thorough planning must be done beforehand to avoid such cases. Before finalizing any medical travel plans, it is pertinent to consult the known doctor. There are certain alternatives in the USA which may be less expensive than the usual grind while providing good facilities. These must be considered such as those in Montgomery in Alabama.


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