The KISS Principle of keeping things simple applies to brands as well. Some brands in order to present themselves as unique offerings, communicate in jargon like language. In today’s world where a business innovation is developed every sixteen months in Europe, three months in Japan and only ten weeks in South Korea, it is essential that a brand communicates in simple language as customers simply do not have the luxury of time to understand the entire product properly. Thus eighty percent of new product releases fail in the first three months itself in the western world. In order for a brand to project itself in a simplified manner, it should think of its working not just for business purpose but more holistic purposes of improving life. Simple products are actually improvements of earlier prototypes which were more complicated to handle. When offerings are simple, the onus of owning a brand emotionally falls on the customer. A work culture which has fewer lines of hierarchy and open communication is place where innovations can thrive. The same applies to products, simple products having originated from work cultures conducive for innovation.

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