For a brand in order to remain relevant to its customers over time, it is necessary to maintain a sense of continuity throughout. For that the brand must be aware of what success really is. Some brands identify their vital statistics likes sales as parameters for success. But truly successful brands will gauge the businessintelligenceof customers’ reasons for choosing the brand as true measure of evaluating success. It is not enough for a brand to be well known, but must register in the customer’s minds during the shopping sprees. Thus the company must understand the value of time. A similar concept is the ring-fence engagement where the potential customer base is targeted a product of service at a time when engagement will be the highest. Oreo’s intervention during the Super Bowl stands out. Brand communication plays a huge part and the way it communicates with the outside world reflects its true personality. Also the communication must be consistent throughout in such a manner that elements of the brand are visible in all its actions. The company must keeping alive brands and their aspects which endure over a period of time and not only that which sells in the short run. Source:

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