Existing customers may surprisingly prove to be extremely effective sources of generating sales. A loyal influential customer can in no time become a brand advocate if satisfied with the services. To ensure this some steps must be taken by marketers. First of all the geographical area of the person must be known so that campaigns whether using social media or above-the-line campaigns may be targeted precisely. Once this is done, the organization must itself be aware how it will solve customer problems. The organization must appear to be genuinely concerned about customer needs. The transition period between knowing your customer and shifting operational base needs to be smooth. Measurable targets must be set with metrics to compare. All this must be implemented in a properly defined timeline. Business analytics must be used up to measure the results. The data for this will be derived out of the feedback forms, surveys and employees’ experiences that will be noted down. What is needed is that all plans formed are for long term as only then will customers stick with brands.


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